Our Last Night

Our Last Night

The feel of her tongue on my clit was like heaven. She maneuvered her mouth around it like an artist with a brush, using the wetness of my own pussy to her advantage, making art with my canvas. As she inhaled through her nose, the air rushing across my skin gave me a sweet sensation that made my inner thighs tremble. I was cumming again. And again.

I grabbed two handfuls of her brown hair and pulled hard, enough for me to hope it hurt just a little bit. I knew Kim liked pain. Just like I did. A little bit of pain released the endorphins even more to make the pleasure feel even better. She was dirty. I loved dirty.

I took my right hand and clasped it around her neck, just slightly choking her. I guided her head up to my face and started sucking on her lips. Hard. I tasted my pussy. I was used to tasting my own pussy, because when I’m alone and I finger myself, I’m always licking my fingers. But my pussy tasted even better on her tongue. I put my tongue in her mouth, and she mine. I bit hers. She didn’t flinch. She let me clamp down and she let out a low “Mmmm” letting me know how much she loved it.

I shoved her away, her naked body fell to the bed. I was biting my lower lip and feeling naughty. I loved the sight of her athletic form, beads of sweat covered every inch of her skin. Her stomach slowing moving up and down, with every inhale and exhale. I just took it all in, as if I were on the beach admiring the majesty of a calm ocean.

I dove in. I spread her legs as far apart as the would go and immediately started eating her ass. My face was drenched from how wet her pussy was. Her ass tasted so good. My tongue danced around the rim and she was giggling a devious giggle that turned me on to no end.

I placed two fingers on her pussy, one on either side of her clit, and started massaging. She got wet fast, and it was then that I put both fingers inside of her pussy. I went as deep as I could. After a few in and out motions, I went lower and inserted both fingers in her ass. I knew she liked it. I gradually went deeper, making sure both holes were lubricated my liking. I loved feeling her anal muscles grip my fingers tighter and tighter the deeper I went.

I glanced up to get another look at her. She was playing with her tits and fingering her nipples. Her head was bent back, eyes closed, and her mouth wide open, gasping for air. She was close. I reached my left hand up to her right breast, batted her hand away and I cupped it. Her breasts were the perfect size to grab a handful. I moved those fingers onto her nipple and started playing with it as two fingers from my other hand were massaging the inside of her asshole. I could feel her cumming as her ass pulsated, the muscles pushing my fingers out with every beat.

“Oh you fucking cunt!” Kim screamed as her body vibrated through the orgasm. “Fuuuuck.”

“You like that you bitch?” I sneered at her.

We both sat up and shifted our bodies, as if we both knew what the next move was. We both spread our legs and slid our hips toward each other until our pussies were touching. They were both drenched.

I had never scissored a girl until I met Kim. She showed me how to do it. She showed me which leg to put where and how to lean back on your elbows. And the motion of your hips is key. Roll the hips like waves rolling onto the beach. Your motion must match her motion. Clit to clit.

Scissoring was my favorite. Especially with her. I loved eating pussy and I loved getting my pussy eaten, but scissoring. God damn. I loved feeling her warm pussy on mine. I loved looking directly into her eyes as we worked toward orgasm. I loved seeing her whole body; Her breasts bouncing as she thrusted into me. Her stomach constricting so I could see the outline of her abs.

She thrusted and I thrusted. The sheets were soaked but we didn’t care. She started pushing harder and I knew she was going to cum.

“Cum with me,” she said.

“I’m close,” I replied.

I felt her start to cum, so I released mine at the same time. This one was intense, and as this one endured, I came again. And again. She came at least twice in a row, as I could tell by her eyes rolling back in her head as if she were possessed.

My pussy couldn’t take anymore, and I almost couldn’t finish my last orgasm, I had to break free; and as I did she fell to the bed in the other direction. Spent.

After recovering from our orgasms, we moved our bodies closer together yet again, this time to embrace under the covers. She kissed me, and I kissed her back. I felt her body against mine, our legs interlocked, and that night it was as if nothing could separate us. I wanted to be in that moment for the rest of my life.

“So what happens tomorrow?” I asked Kim, almost hating myself for breaking the silence.

“Well, I’m going to marry Tom,” she replied, sounding heartbroken.

“What about us?” I asked, feeling stupid the moment it came out of my mouth.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I guess I don’t know.”

“Oh,” I responded.

I decided to drop it. Maybe we could still have fun after she gets married. She’s been with Tom for six years, and we’ve been doing this for at least three of them. We laid in my bed, both of us seeming to never want the night to end. Just silence, and our two naked bodies. This woman made me feel things no human, male or female, has ever made me feel. I didn’t want to share her. I couldn’t help but to think what we had was ending that night.

I looked at the clock. I couldn’t believe that in twelve hours she’d be marrying my brother.

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