It Was Me

It Was Me

I lit a cigarette as we both lay naked in her bed, our legs still intertwined. Spent .

I knew she had a boyfriend. And she knew I had a boyfriend  too. That might have been what made it even hotter.

“You’re the first girl I’ve been with who knows how to scissor,” she said, chuckling. 

“It’s an art,” I replied. “I’ve studied a lot of porn.”

“Well, I love your artwork, and I’ll be the canvas any day,” she replied as she took the cigarette out of my hand, and thrust her face into mind and kissed me so hard she took my breath away. 

As she leaned over, I felt her pussy, which was still soaked from cumming, rub against my thigh. Mine was still wet too, so as we made out like a couple of high schoolers, I shifted my body so that both of our wet pussies touched each other again. She was back on top of me, clit to clit, and my entire body got chills again. 

She hastily jumped off of me, with a menacing grin and took a drag of the cigarette. 

“I gotta go to work, you know.” She said, exhaling. “I’d rather have more fun with your body, though.” She took another drag and glanced down at my tits, then down to my pussy. She pursed her lips like she was thinking about what else she wanted to do to me. 

“I’m supposed to be at work right now, hoe,” I said, looking at the clock. I was late, but I didn’t even care. 

I started touching myself, first fingering my clit and moaning, then with my other hand started playing with my nipples. I let out a moan so she knew how good it felt. 

“Don’t do that to me,” she said, throwing her pillow at my face. I fell backwards onto the bed, and as I did she discarded the cigarette into a glass of water on the nightstand. 

She leaned forward and started sucking on my left nipple. She was so good at it. As she did, she reached down and touched my thigh, slowly moving her hand up toward my pussy. She lightly touched one finger on my clit, and another finger circled my labia, before slowly entering inside. I could feel my orgasm brewing quickly. She knew how to make me cum. 

As her tongue danced around my nipple and her fingers played with my drenched pussy, I reached my hands around her back, then down to her perfectly curved ass. It was beading up with sweat, and I slid my hand under and touched the outer rim of her ass. I played with it, massaged it around in a circle and I could feel her clench and release on the tip of my finger. Clench, and release, like she was doing kegels. 

With one finger in her ass I reached my other hand around to the front of her and pushed two fingers inside of her pussy. She was as wet as I was, and I easily fit a third finger in. I made a “come here” gesture inside of her, and I could feel her get close to orgasm. 

“Make me cum, you bitch,” she said, her body tensing up, getting ready to release. 

“Oh god I’m close too,” I said, panting. 

We were gyrating our bodies in the same rhythm of our hands as we brought each other closer and closer. 

“Oh Maggie I love what you do to me,” I screamed out as I came. 

“You like that, Krista?” she said rubbing me and then putting her fingers in my mouth so I could taste my own cum. 

We both collapsed onto the bed, our sweaty, naked bodies against each other. 

I lit another cigarette, and sucked a long drag from it. 

“We can never tell the boys about this,” I said. 

“Dave would kill me,” Krista said. “He can’t make me cum, at all, but you. Oh my god.”

“Haha oh I know. Charlie’s pretty good in that department but he can’t make me cum as many times in a row as you do,” I replied. 

“I’m breaking up with Dave tonight,” Maggie said. “I can’t do it anymore.”

“Do what?” I asked. 

“Um, cheat on my boyfriend,” she said, matter of factly.

“We’re not cheat- oh I guess we are.” I said. 

Fuck. Dave’ girlfriend is cheating on him. With his brother’s girlfriend. This is fucked up. 

Little did I know, the next night, I’d fuck it up even more. 


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